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Min Lilla Lyra Pentatonisk D-E 7 strängar, Auris

Min Lilla Lyra Pentatonisk D-E 7 strängar, Auris

A basic pentatonic lyre for introduction of music to the child. For use at home, in the kindergarten by musical games and storytelling and much more.

THE 7-STRINGED LYRE – is tuned in a pentatonic scale which allow the fingers to move freely over the strings always producing a harmonic tune.


1816 kr

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Special feature:
Due to its short string length the LBP has a unique possibility; it can be tuned extremely high. This has been successfully used to play for un-borne or prematurely born children. This lyre can be tuned as high as g’ – a’- c’’ – d’’- e ’’- g‘’-a’’-. This high tuning corresponds better with the hearing frequencies of very little inner ear to the foetus or prematurely borne child. Music for these categories has been scientifically proven to stimulate and vivify both the intellectual and emotional development later on.
The perfect gift and together with LGP model our most frequent sold lyre
Includes a tuning wrench and an instruction sheet that contains more tips and tricks regarding how to use your instrument.

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