Klangspel Treklang H-D-E, Auris

Klangspel Treklang H-D-E, Auris

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Auris glockenspiel can be used in the most various situations. At home, just playing musical games or at bed time. In the kindergarten and early school years it is a wonderful companion both by story telling and dramas to create a musical background and atmosphere. It plays lead melodies to choir singing and orchestra very well. The ways to use Auris glockenspiel are so many, only your fantasy sets the limit.

The glockenspiel body is made of European maple wood, a hard, blond well suited material. The tone bars, which carries the secret of the Auris sound, are made out of a special brass alloy. This material gives the instrument an enormous tone potential that can fill a concert hall with sonorous light.